Samsung Xpress C1860FW

Samsung Laser Color Printer All In One

HP LaserJet Pro M15W Compact Laser Printer is one of the fastest printers in its class with a print speed of up to 19 pages per minute and makes it an ideal choice for use at home and for students.

With 256MB of memory, the Samsung Xpress C1860FW can print and copy up to 19 monochrome and colour pages per minute. This is possible with the same speed as printing 99 copies. Samsung’s all-in-one printer can also fax to get more value.

Most of our printers are compatible with a variety of print media so you can print brochures, letters and glossy colors. If your company prints a large quantity, you should buy HP LaserJet Enterprise Printer. Designated for maximum productivity and high-speed performance it can print up to 75 pages per minute at speeds designed to print high-speed.

Our printers can print beautiful images on a variety of print media, and are designed to handle large-volume print projects. For students who print hundreds of pages of notes and papers in a dorm, an oversized laser printer can be helpful.

Whether you need a laser printer for your office or home, know that our HP LaserJet series is the best in terms of print quality, speed and durability. Our HP Laserjet series exceeds the high expectations our customers expect of us.

If you want high-quality printing in less time, Samsung’s all-in-one printers are the solution. Samsung printers have the lowest printing cost per page and feature high toner yields and toner-saving features for monoprinting machines (ML-3470D, ML-3471nd and ML-4050N), which reduce toner consumption by up to 30%.

You can also buy Samsung ProPress SL M4025nd laser printer suitable for printing high quality documents. Users of home printers are strongly advised to purchase a colour laser printer for the times when they need to print colors.

This printer uses Canon 137 toner cartridges, which cost you about $8,400 for an original Canon 137 cartridge. If you are a home user and are sure that you will not print in color, choose the cheaper Brother of the monochrome laser printer, Brother HL-L2300D printer. It offers lower operating cost for home and office users who need to print with black laser printers, and as mentioned above the sides of the cartridge do not dry out, leaving it unused for a long time.

You can bring Samsung printers to fulfill all your printing and paper-related tasks. Print from your mobile device or printer to your wireless network with Samsung Mobile Print ™, Samsung Cloud Printing ™ or Google Print (TM) or AirPrint app from your mobile device or printer.

Samsung offers a simple but effective software suite for managing printers, scanning documents, copying and faxing on Windows PCs and Macs. In addition to software support for all these tasks, the CLX-6260FW is also capable of copying, faxing, printing, scanning, emailing and printing on the Internet.

Samsung Xpress C460FW

The Xpress C460FW is an all-in-one colour laser printer from Samsung that meets all your printing, scanning, copying and faxing needs. Developed with Samsung’s image enhancement technology, the RecP rendering engine cleans the page to ensure high image quality, seamless images and crisp text printing.

Snapshot-sized photos measuring 4 by 6 inches can be printed at 33 pages per minute on plain paper or 125 pages per minute on glossy laser paper. Mac Color PDF newsletters can be printed at 64 pages per minute and full-page color photos at 16 pages per minute.

The Samsung M2070FW

The Samsung M2070FW laser printer offers all the multifunctionality you would expect from the more expensive models, except for the auto duplex and delivers the same high printing, copying and scanning quality. The black performance of the CLX 6260FW is sharp, good and better than anything you can see from any printer in its class.

Samsung M2070FWs

The M2070FWs cost quite a bit per page compared to similar all-in-one laser printers that use standard cartridges. The cost of the toner of the printer exceeds that of comparable models, and the cost per page is 65 cents compared to the 35 cents per page of the Canon MF229DCW. The cost gap between the M20 70FW and other multifunction printers becomes even more dramatic when looking at models that offer higher-yielding cartridges.

Before evaluating a printer, you should check the price of consumables. Based on Samsung’s average retail price of 2,000 pages, the standard size black cartridge costs 64 or a reasonable 32 cents per page (CPP).

All the reviews I’ve found so far have been positive, except for a handful on Amazon, where the printer is only available from third parties. If you happen to own a printer, be sure to click on the comments and share your own ratings. Samsung’s printing business enjoys the HP warranty and is supported according to the warranty documents accompanying the product.

Samsung CLX-6260FW

For me, the Samsung CLX-6260FW is a multi-function class for colour lasers 1000 (28.11.2012). The laboratory-tested all-in-one model from Consumer Reportss, Samsung ProPress C3060FW, is evaluated according to several criteria, such as those listed below. The printing speed, known as ppm (page per minute), varies between different laser printer models.

Samsung M2070W

The M2070W is a compact home or office printer with a 150-sheet input tray. It is quick to print all kinds of documents in our tests. Using this device, a five-page text document was produced in 22.2 seconds, which is one second faster than a typical multi-function laser printer.

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