Samsung CLP 365W

Samsung Clp-365W Wireless Colour Laser Printer

With Samsung’s new image processing, the Samsung CLP 365W produces vivid colors, crisp texts, and clear graphics. This Samsung colour laser printer delivers stunning print quality thanks to Samsung’s rendering engine and Clean Page Recp technology. It allows you to print to smartphones, tablets and other devices in just three easy steps.

Documents that are not useless have enough detail and accuracy to be printed at a resolution of 2400×600 DPI with the color black Samsung CLP 365W printer toner.

The Samsung CLP 365W offers the perfect balance of speed, output quality, connectivity, and price whether you’re on a tight budget, need to connect to a network, or print on your smartphone or other mobile devices. Samsung’s black, cyan, magenta, and yellow toners come in single cartridges that can print up to 1,000 pages in each color. The Samsung clp 365W wireless color printer features a one-touch eco mode with value-added features and a system for printing text documents at speeds of up to 19 pages per minute.

The CLP 365W helps to print with brilliant color quality of your documents, texts, graphics and images and can meet the highest expectations. 600×600 DPI can be increased to an impressive 2400×600 DPI by varying the point size and position of the point itself. Enjoy high-quality prints with Samsung’s unique RecP rendering engine and clean page technology, which improves the overall quality and vibrancy of your color printing and ensures that the prints look perfect. The device works with four Samsung toner cartridges, which can be easily exchanged to achieve maximum colour yield.

It delivers amazing colors thanks to Samsung’s Rendering Engine Clean Page (RECP) and its new polymerized toner. Samsung’s unique RECP (Rendering Engine Clean Page) technology improves the overall quality and vibrancy of the color printing and ensures that each print is perfect. One step further than Samsung’s colour laser printer product line is Editors Choice Samsung with the Samsung CLP 365W 230 Street, which serves as a common printer for microoffices and personal printers of all sizes in the office.

Product Details Customer Reviews Description You can make sure you print vibrant colors on mobile devices. Printing with excellent quality and speed Samsung Easy Printer Manager Samsung Printer Status is a program that monitors and informs the status of the machines and allows you to adjust the machine settings.

The printing speed of the CLP 365W is 1.9 pages per minute (ppm) monochrome laser and 4 pages per minute color on the slow side. Samsung Easy 3-Step Mobile Print Install the application, select the device and print the file.

Samsung Electronic Printer Warranty does not cover damage caused to the machine by the use, refilling or restoration of toner cartridges not belonging to the Samsung brand. Switch on Eco mode to reduce toner and paper consumption for PC printing (see Eco Printing, page 36). To learn the basics of printing (34), you can use the Eco function to save paper and toner for printing (see Easy Eco Driver, page 151).

The CLP 365 is designed for simple and intuitive operation and saves you valuable time and effort. The printers provided with software support are designed to keep you in control and provide the ultimate, easy-to-use printouts. Samsung’s unique RECP rendering engine and clean page technology sharpen the focus of graphics, text, and solid objects without overlapping or eliminating blank spaces.

This means you can print with more detail and smooth, sharp images. Enjoy the freedom to print in the highest quality at home or in the office without sacrificing your precious space. Users can print from a mobile phone via the built-in wireless interface.

This means that your prints will have crisper lines and more vibrant colors, avoiding paper rolls. In addition, the price is the lowest of all personal printers, and the CLP 365W is small enough to share a desk. A touchscreen button prints everything you see on the screen with one click and saves time.

Please use the product number or serial number of the new or overhauled product to confirm warranty status. The product can only be used for product numbers and serial numbers of new and outdated products and is only validated for warranty status.

This toner is also affordable to replace, which also contributes to economic operating costs. These toners are very affordable and can easily be replaced, contributing to economic operating costs.

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