Cheap Laser Printer And Scanner

Cheap Laser Printer And Scanner With a printing speed of up to 19 pages per minute, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w Compact Laser Printer is among the fastest in its class, making it a perfect choice for home or school use.

For a slightly more expensive alternative, the HP LaserJet Pro M148FDW is another excellent laser printer that has plenty of features, including a duplexer for printing two-sided documents, and an auto document feeder for scanning and printing multiple-page documents, along with faxing capabilities — a necessity for some offices, which you will not find on our other laser printer favorites.

Cheap Laser Printer And Scanner

The HP LaserJet Pro M29W has plenty of handy features that you would expect to find in a printer designed for larger offices, including wireless printing, a document feeder for faster scanning, automatic two-sided printing, and a keypad LCD control panel.

Designed for smaller office use, our favorite overall laser printer has a monthly capacity of 15,000 pages, handles pages fast and cheaply, has some of the best print speeds we have seen, and printing costs are just 2.7 cents a page.

Whether you need a laser printer for business or for your home, know that our HP LaserJet printers are the best of the best when it comes to quality, speed, and longevity.

Our HP Color Laser Printers are capable of producing beautiful images across many different printing media and are built to handle large-volume print projects.

Cheap Laser Printer

Most of our HP laserjet printers are compatible with different print media, so you can print brochures, letters, and full-color images. If you are a small business that requires printing of high-quality full-color images or photos, then you need to use a professional Photo Inkjet Printer to get the best results.

All-in-one color lasers such as the M479FDW are pricier to run and cost more than comparable-specked inkjets but deliver higher-quality prints, copies, and color scanning faster than cheaper models.

Lower-end monochrome lasers with modest paper management could work as individual desktop printers for the any-size office. These are unmistakably business-oriented features; also see our best business printers guide, which includes both laser- and inkjet-based models.

Whether you want a basic model to occasionally print documents at your home office, one capable of printing large volumes of pages fast, or a more sophisticated model with cloud connectivity and security features — there is a printer out there that meets both your needs and wants, for a price within your company’s budget.


If you are planning on buying a printer for large, routine jobs, a laser printer will save you the time spent waiting for pages to print while you could do other things — including your next big printing job.

Small offices and home businesses might do fine with a more compact laser printer, but those units will naturally have fewer pages to print, and they can produce less output from each toner cartridge, which can be an issue if you wind up with one too small for your needs.

This machine offers lower running costs for a home or office user who only needs black-letter printing, and as with all laser printers mentioned on this page, toner cartridges do not run out if your printer sits idle for long.

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