Cheap And Affordable Laser Printer In Virginia, USA

Shopping around for printer prices can be confusing, as it is easy to find both basic laser and inkjet printers that are around the same price. If printing quality, speed, and overall cost are all factors that are important to you, then the laser printer is certainly the better choice over an inkjet.

One of the key differences between a laser printer and an inkjet is the print speed. Laser printers are differentiated from inkjet printers by the use of ink, costs, maintenance, printing speed, and printing technology.

When choosing between an inkjet or laser printer, it is useful to think about if you will be printing in color often, or plan on printing mostly black-and-white. Finding the right printer often depends on knowing how much you will be printing, and how frequently.

Cheap And Affordable Laser Printer In Virginia, USA

For most consumers, whether you are looking for the added capability and efficiency for hobby, a new business, or an ever-growing home office, the best color laser printer for home use needs to match the scope of your job.

Whether you want the best color wireless printer, or handy administrative features such as easy access to faxing, you will find that the home office laser printers from HP are designed to handle just about any related task.

From the best wireless color laser printers for home use to multifunction printing hubs that can also scan, copy, and fax, you can find what you need with HP. A good laser printer can quickly meet all of the printing needs of your home or office – and offer substantial savings in the long run.

However, if you are using the home printer frequently, the long-term costs of a laser printer are typically lower, since the cartridges that you will have to change are much lower in price than ink.

Cheap And Affordable Laser Printer In Virginia, USA

Buying a full complement of the high-capacity printer cartridges (2500 pages for colors, 3000-pages for black) will cost you roughly double what you would pay for the printer itself. If you use a single set every month (which is not impossible, between volume printing and the drying of the cartridges), then your hundred-dollar printer is now costing you $1,200 per year.

For larger enterprises, where the page volume is 200,000 per month, you need a higher-end printer that has 50+ppm. Compared with an inkjet that may produce as many as 400 pages from each high-yielding color cartridge, the laser models are capable of producing as many as 6000 pages with ease.

As a result, inkjet printers all-in-ones can offer a complete and quality experience for busy offices.

They typically come with options for producing larger print sizes, as well as having multiple input trays. This type combined the technology of an inkjet with the impressive features of a multifunction printer.

An inkjet requires much less warming up time before you can start printing, making it ideal for printing the occasional document in a quick fashion.

Cheap And Affordable Laser Printer In Virginia, USA

At 26 pages per minute, the Lexmark MC3326ADWE prints nearly as fast as HPs color M479FDW laser printer, yet typically costs $100 less. The least expensive color laser printer we found in stock today is Lexmarks one-function (as opposed to its multifunction) C2425DW.

Whether you need to print documents, photos, or schoolwork, the multi-function printer is exactly what you want.


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