best buy hp laserjet printers

Best Buy Hp Laserjet Printers

If you’re looking for a reasonable 4-in-1 printer for a home office or small business, the HP LaserJet Pro M148FDW checks all of the boxes. It has many useful features you’d expect from a printer designed for a large office, including wireless printing, a document feeder for fast scanning, automatic double-sided printing, and an LCD control panel and keyboard. The LaserJet M1319F is a single-laser printer that offers four functions in one: printing, copying, scanning, and faxing to save space and increase efficiency.    

Print, copy, scan, and fax are all functions available on Lexmark’s MC3224 Color Laser Printer. The tray can hold up to 250 pages which means you don’t have to refill it often. It can print at 24 pages per minute, making it perfect for most office needs. It is also capable of sending double-sided documents, which isn’t essential for every office but is an important feature for companies such as doctor’s offices.    

Color laser printers can print vivid text, color graphics, and high contrasts on a broad variety of white and color printer paper with scanning and copying capabilities.    

The price of a black-and-white laser printer is $169 for the HP LaserJet Pro Cite 1200 pages and a standard cartridge costs $47. The average black-and-white document costs 3 cents per page, while a color document costs 38 cents per page. There are also 10 cents for one side of black ink and 15 cents for three-color ink.    

Assuming you pump out 1,200 pages of text a year (excluding paper costs), that means you pay a total of $47 extra for a laser printer and $114 more for an inkjet printer.    

Inkjet printers print in black and white, and we have seen more mono inkjet models over the years. Unlike laser printers, you will find those monochrome models are sold in larger numbers and contain four large toner cartridges in one, which increases the cost and size of the printer. Without the additional inkjet toner cartridge, black-and-white printers are simpler machines with fewer parts and cheaper to produce.

The many excellent monochrome printers that will be available in 2021 and beyond will lower your printing costs if you don’t need to print in color. Both monochrome and black-and-white laser printers last long without toner and can be replaced with inkjet cartridges, saving you money in the long run.    

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up the best home printers by a person. Our list of the best black-and-white printers includes both inkjet and laser technology as well as multifunctional devices. What these printers have in common is that they all print in black and white.    

The kind of professional documents that you print with a laser printer includes market research reports, business proposals, and brochures. Laser printers are faster than inkjet printers, but at the lower end the inkjet is slower in quality and their text printing is less accurate than the current inkjet, which is accurate enough to process most documents. Laser printers with scanner functionality are the ideal choice for people who simply want to send a fax or perform a digital (rather than physical) recording.    

Color laser printers get a better grip on photos, so if you want to create detailed, color-accurate prints that hang on the wall, are displayed in a gallery, or sell to customers of high-end inkjet printers, this is the way to go rather than outsourcing work to a photo lab. Color laser printers are expensive, but they are professional printers with color and not nearly as good in price as color inkjet printers. The LaserJet Pro M15W Wireless Laser Printer ($109) is inexpensive but takes time to release.    

Inkjet printers use liquid ink, while laser printers use powdered ink that melts on the side. An inexpensive monochrome laser with modest paper handling can serve as a personal desktop printer for almost any office size.    

Although inkjet printers are cheaper, they tend not to last as long as laser printers, considering the cost of more frequent refills of ink. Laser printers are generally faster and have better print quality, with text looking more precise and clearer.    

If you find both monochrome and color laser AIOs, you have to talk about their inherent incongruity in functionality. Besides printing in black and white, mono lasers and AIO printers can scan in color and reproduce anything in monochrome in a standard copier. In this sense, they combine the cost-effectiveness of a mono laser that requires only one toner color (black) with the comfort factor of an AIO.    

Software updates for non-HP toners will be available from autumn 2020, so be prepared to pay full price if you need to replace a cartridge. Major printer manufacturers offer both LED-based and laser-based models, including the Oki Xerox. With a built-in scanner, Copi Brothers monochrome laser printers come with free Wi-Fi so you can print from your smartphone or computer.


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